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DIY Cottage House Bed - Kura Hack

- Wednesday, September 11, 2019. to read...

Hey DIY friends!

It's been too long since we made this bed so I figured I should stop procrastinating and show you how we built our daughter's "cottage" bed! I seriously wish I could be a kid again and live in my daughter's room, I'm jealous of my own daughter, haha!

We bought this Kura bed from Ikea

We then used 2x2x8 Cedar pieces to make the roof peak. We had 4 cut to the desired height and one running the length of the bed at the top. We screwed all these pieces together.

We had left over "brick" panels from when we made our Faux fireplace so we decided to use that as the main "wall" to her underneath play house.
We marked where we wanted to put the window and my husband cut it out with a jig saw. Then we trimmed the window and the brick panel section with 1x2's. We placed these vertical on the existing wood on the bed and drilled pilot holes so that the wood didn't crack. Then installed the trim to the bed with 2-1/2" screws. Unpictured is the back of the brick panel, we sandwiched the brick panels with the 1x2 trim on both sides so there wouldn't be screws (1" screws) sticking out for both the trim around and the window. For the shutters we used some 1x4's for the vertical pieces and 1x2's for the horizontal pieces. The shutters were secured together by screws from the back side and then installed into the brick panel with short screws.  There is also trim on the back side of the panel so the screws aren't sticking out.
I puttied the screw holes and then the magic happened. PAINT. I painted the whole bed white except I painted the shutters a light pink we had in the garage. It turned out so cute and its every little girls dream. She has her play Kitchen, laundry, baby supplies and Vanity all under there!
Hope that helps you guys make your own version of a little girl (or boy) play house oasis. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and tag me in all the projects of ours (or even other DIY's you try)!

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