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Covered Porch Project Coming Soon!

- Wednesday, May 22, 2019. to read...

We are starting a big project (actually it started a few weeks ago, but as far as this post goes... we are starting!) I told my husband... I WANT A PATIO COVER. Sure you can have any covered patio for cheap and fairly easy... but no…. I need it to look like THIS. (insert all the Pinterest pictures of beautiful patio covers that are to die for and probably cost an arm and a leg!) I seriously almost broke down and bought the gazebo at a superstore just because I very honestly didn't think my Husband could build my vision for the price of that gazebo which was beautiful! But the gazebo was small compared to our patio, and not permanent. He begged me to give him a chance to build a 30 foot covered lean to patio cover for 1,200. I kid you not I said these exact words "If it doesn't look as good as that gazebo and there is no going back on this, I will be mad at you", yes I LAID on the pressure. YOU GUYS HE IS BLOWING MY MIND. I am so sorry I doubted his ability to build something beautiful... AND CHEAP. Well cheap is relative but for a 30' cover... it is definitely worth every penny! For now I will give you a sneak peek out my back door at the moment which is completely unfinished and not a true representation of the final project, but its where we are at. Ill also insert those "Pinterest pictures of beautiful patio covers that are to die for" to show our inspiration.

I seriously cant wait till its done so I can take all the pictures of the whole patio set up for you guys!

And here are some inspo pictures for how I wanted it designed --- I'm telling you, you'll be shocked with our budget at how this guy has turned out (the ceiling isn't done so ignore that ugly part ;)) and lucky for you my next post about it will be an instructional post on how you can do the same!!

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