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2020 Project Goals

- Friday, January 3, 2020. to read...

Hey friends!

Can you believe that it is already 2020? For some reason (probably because its a multiple of 10 and math is not my thing) I can more easily comprehend just how old I am getting now - haha. My husband turns 30 this year and that means I turn 30 next year... woooah.

We have the usual new years resolutions but this year we are taking time to think about the projects we want to get done, I thought it could be fun to explain them here and then look back at it when the year is over!

1. Vintage trailer - I want to get literally everything done in the vintage trailer so we can go on ADVENTURES all summer. I am most excited about this... I've been dreaming about this for the last year and a half of having the trailer and its like a mini home, I cant wait to finish our touches on it and make it a cozy place to spend time with our babes.

                                                          Vintage Trailer Credit: Here

2. Entry/Dining/office Chair Rail - I have been dreaming about this since before we broke ground on our build. It finally has made the list for priorities this year and I.AM.HERE.FOR.IT

                                                                              Chair rail credit: Here

Our entry now

3. Pantry Cabinets - We have a big beautiful pantry and all its potential is untapped. We are going to do uppers and lowers just like our kitchen has and it'll take the organization and aesthetics to a new level.

4. Pantry Barndoor - Cause everybody needs at least one barndoor in their house... right?

5. Downstairs hidden projector - This one is living completely in my imagination and sooo hard to explain...  trust me it'll be good

                              Our current TV in our family room

6. Office revamp with built ins - I need an inviting place I want to spend time in so I can get more work done. I love creating but sometimes the blog posts, video editing and picture editing becomes daunting because (don't judge me) our office isn't pretty and inviting, so I don't enjoy spending time in it.

       Our office currently (the desk is along a different wall)

7. Guest room murphy bed - We are trying to think of a way to do a DIY Murphy bed so we can use our guestroom space as an area for our kids (and possibly a desk for me too)

                                                                    Murphy bed credit: Here

I am sure we will end up doing more this year but these are the main projects I've been dying to do. Comment below with your project plans this year!

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