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Moody Blue DIY Dressers - Ikea Hack!

- Thursday, April 23, 2020. to read...

I have been searching high and low for dressers that I could use for end tables. We have a good amount of space on either side of our bed and I just wanted something pretty with lots of storage.
Like this amazing room by Juniper 

The search was on for a beautiful dresser. Then I started once again learning my taste was higher than my budget (nothing new there!) So then I switched gears and was on the hunt for a way to DIY a dresser so I could get the exact color and style I wanted for cheaper. Of course my first thought was to look at Ikea. I found these Rast dressers for $39.99 and knew there had to be a way I could beutifuy them! So I did what any other fellow DIYer does... I turned to Pinterest. I searched Rast Ikea and found this baby by Inbetween Chaos
What a great long hutch and guys it started out as this....
Seeing this RAST dresser be transformed into something as beautiful as that hutch convinced me I could make myself an amazing 6 drawer dresser. So that's what we did.

What we used for each 6 drawer dresser:

The total cost for our completed dresser was $110.90 which beats the similar $300 versions you can buy from the store, and I got to customize my pulls and the paint color! I think eventually we will add feet to change the look a little.

Step 1:
Build the first dresser as the instructions show - EXCEPT if you do not want the toe kick on the bottom make sure the bottom kickplate piece is flush to the front and screw it in.

Step 2:
Build the second dresser without the right side piece and put the drawer guides on the side of the first dresser you made first (put it on the edge you'll be connecting the second dresser to, that will be the middle support of the 2 dressers) - and once again if you do not want the toe kick put the kickplate piece flush with the front.

Step 3:
Connect the 2 dressers together using the L brackets as shown below.

Step 4:
Build everything else as instructed in the instructions, you should be left with something like shown below.

Step 5: Drawer Face Frames
We bought lattice trim which is 1/4" thick pine. We cut 12 pieces at 22-7/8" and 12 pieces at 3-3/4".

We then secured the pieces to the front of the drawers with our pinner, we spackled the holes and cracks where they come together and painted! It makes a huge difference to elevate the whole look of the dresser! What started as a minimal and basic dressers turn into more expensive looking side table!

We added some bronze hardware from hobby lobby and voila! Beautiful 6 drawer dresser!

If you have comments or questions feel free to leave them below :)

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