Day 3 (really day 2) of our Build with Simplicity Homes (by Hayden Homes) - behind the diy



Day 3 (really day 2) of our Build with Simplicity Homes (by Hayden Homes)

- Wednesday, August 16, 2017. to read...

Whenever you mention building a house everyone is always like "wow big project!" or "might as well add on 3 months to your expected move in date now!" of course me being the optimist I am (stubborn is really what it is but I like being considered an optimist 😉) I said "pshhh we got this, and it'll be a piece of cake!" Day 3... i'm already eating those words.

Back story: We sold our house and are living in a fifth wheel at our in laws... I know we are crazy. But its going well so far! We bought our lot in April and it is now August and we are finally starting our build this week!

Day 1: I get an email at 6 AM saying our permits weren't paid for and they cannot start the inspection/water/excavating. I being the calm collected person I am called my Agent, Mortgage broker, project manager, Accountant manager for the build and some other lady whose title I am not sure of (yes I was frantic and i'm still recovering) We had 4 weeks after we sold our home and closed on our construction lot of waiting to build (they said they were super busy and we couldn't fit into the schedule before but we really found out our project manger was on paternity leave... apparently that means we don't get to start when we can?) In that 4 weeks I had emailed TWO TIMES asking if we needed to do anything to get ready for the build so it would go smoothly. The first time nobody responded, the second time they got a little annoyed "Please be patient with us as we are very busy" then come to find out nobody told us we were the ones that had to arrange for the permits to be paid. Since the permits had to be paid with our construction loan we literally got emailed a link from one lady at simplicity... then forwarded it to the accountant at simplicity so she could make the draw from our construction loan and pay the permits. Mind you these 2 ladies work in the same small building... but anyway, it was our responsibility (to forward the email from one lady to the next 😀) and while nobody really owned up to dropping the ball on keeping us informed on what to do, they did end up paying for our permits and our loan reimbursed them so we could start the build the next day.

Day 1b: We hadn't heard from anyone about if our permits were paid for and if anything was started but because we have the WORST summer cold right now I chose to believe no news is good news! And when we drove by the lot later that day we were super excited to see our water meter was installed! So they had started and that was a huge success! So technically today was day 1 of the build but to us it was the second day 1! .... then we see the stakes of our lot and see that our future neighbor has put their fence 2 feet onto our lot 😓. This wouldn't be a big issue for some but our lot isn't the biggest, its bigger than the Hayden Home lots but losing 2ft along the length of the property equals to more than 300 ft and that felt like a big blow. Especially since we were planning to have 14ft beside the 3rd car garage to have our RV pad and now we only had 12ft which means we wouldn't even be able to open the door all the way when on the RV pad. Oh and we got an email that the flooring color we chose has been discontinued and we have to pick another one!

Day 2: We contact the builder about our concerns with the neighbors fence and they confirm that we will only have 12ft beside the house now. UGH. And to fix it and move the house over more? We would have to RESUBMIT our plans to the city and of course pay simplicity to do the changes. Today is Day 2 so we are still waiting to hear back from simplicity about how long this will take and how much it will cost. Since we are living in our RV with a 2 year old and a 4 year old we are a little stingy with how much time this build will take and cant take a big hit on time. Especially when this is day 2 and I'm sure with how the first 3 days have gone that there are going to be more and more issues.

I can only imagine how the next 138ish days are going to go... I'll keep you posted.

If you are visiting because you are building with or thinking about building with simplicity, we actually do really love this company (I might change my mind by the end of this, hehe) Just had some random weird wrong place wrong time problems.

We are building the Waterbrook by Simplicity Homes

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