Day 8 of our Build with Simplicity Homes (by Hayden Homes) && Eclipse - behind the diy



Day 8 of our Build with Simplicity Homes (by Hayden Homes) && Eclipse

- Monday, August 21, 2017. to read...

Monday, August 21, 2017; Day 8 of our build: We haven't had much progress on our lot. *sobbing* They were supposed to break ground last week on our lot and for some reason it didn't happen. I'm totally getting why people turn into homeownerzillas (I think I just made that up, compare to bridezilla) I'm assuming the delay of our permits not being paid impacted the schedule more than just one day. We were told it only set us back a day but it seems like it set us back a week, hopefully we break ground tomorrow!! I'm wondering now if anything ever gets done on time while building. I guess we will find out! 

We also are near the path of the total eclipse today, which means everything was closed due to the "chaos" that was supposed to happen. But it didn't. It was a lot of hype and chaos leading up to it with everyone freaking out. Every business closed down for the day because we were warned we wouldn't be able to drive due to traffic and that we'd have 1 million extra people flooding our area. Of course it was all a little dramatic and things have been normal as usual. The eclipse was cool to witness though! It got dark at around 10:16 AM and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. For anyone out there wanting to conceive a boy... apparently its a thing that conceiving during an eclipse will ALWAYS produce a boy. This is fact. Don't even google it, you'll just find haters saying its not true. Just believe it and chase down those eclipse's if you are trying for a boy 😜

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