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Day 37 of our Build with Simplicity Homes

- Tuesday, September 19, 2017. to read...

Day 37: Do you ever just fight the urge to seem crazy because you are a little anxious and impatient but then lose the battle because you want to know what is going on more than you care that you are annoying? Yeah that is where we are at right now, I broke down and emailed our builder.

Our house has been pre plumbed and now it seems like the build is DRAGGING. Every day there was something to look at and we were getting really excited because the next step will be building the sub floor and having walls. For a week it has seemed that nothing is going on and its DRIVING ME NUTS. So nuts that I decided to email our Project Manager just to see what's going on, so that I stop pacing with wonder. Of course... he's on vacation until September 21st. Hopefully we hear back from him just so we know what to expect. Its odd that they'd be working nights and weekends until now and now NOTHING is happening. That's building a house for ya. Anyway... nothing super exciting to report, but if you're like me and the house has been pre-plumbed and now is sitting there all alone with nothing going... at least we are in the same boat and it must be normal. I have been told it may be inspections they're waiting on so i'll go with that.

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