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Design Elements of Our House

- Thursday, September 7, 2017. to read...
My favorite part about building a house is personalizing every detail. From the carpet to the ceiling everything has your own touch. I will go through a few of the things we chose for our house!

Picture one is our inspiration. I took the plunge and decided all white walls with thick white trim. We will do dark wood accents and a grey undertone to everything. Our kitchen will have full wall light grey subway tiles, white with silver undertone quartz counter tops and dark espresso cabinets. And of course grey wood look flooring (with a 4 year old and a 2 year old we didn't want floors that wouldn't withstand moisture from dropped cups or their toys being thrown at it 24/7). The second picture shows all the options we chose.. however I did have to go in and chose a different flooring as ours got discontinued and chose a very similar one that is just a tad lighter, more like the inspiration picture above. I sadly didn't get a picture of the new flooring we have chose.

My husband is an engineer at a door manufacturing plant and so of course I have learned that doors matter. We are not changing our doors through our builder (custom anything means you have to pay an arm and a leg, and my husband gets his business doors for cost plus 5%) but have chosen the doors we will have on order before the house finishes. Perks of being able to measure everything before we get in because the framing and finishes will take so long.

My FAVORITE interior doors are called 5 Panel Conmore doors. Below the first picture is the style of door we are going to order and the second picture is the slate grey color they will be in. I couldn't find a picture of the exact door in the right color we are ordering.

Exterior doors are fun too. I chose a 2 panel craftsman door with 3 windows on top like the below picture exactly, same wood grain, same stain. 

I am sure there are more design elements we have chosen, I just can't think of specific ones at this moment! I will probably add more to this post as I think of them, or chose more. See blind choices on 25 Day of our build!

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