Day 38 of our build with Simplicity Homes - behind the diy



Day 38 of our build with Simplicity Homes

- Friday, October 6, 2017. to read...
Day 38: They poured our garage, front patio and back patio!

I still didn't hear back from our project manager for a few days after emailing though, to find out that he is no longer our project manager because he had "too much on his plate". I swear we've been thrown around, it's starting to get annoying. We are also a little worried this will be affecting how fast our house is going to get done... also makes us wonder if things weren't getting done right in the first place. We had to wait 2 weeks to start our whole project because this guy was on leave and they didn't want to start our house without him, and now he's not even our PM anyway. OH WELL. Everything happens for a reason, right? At least we know some day we will have our beautiful new home, just maybe not exactly when we were expecting.

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