Day 54 of our build with Simplicity Homes - behind the diy



Day 54 of our build with Simplicity Homes

- Friday, October 6, 2017. to read...
Day 54: We started getting our walls put up and I think its the most exciting time of the whole project this far! We are able to see what our downstairs will look like! The kids are really starting to believe that we will live here some day!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will put up the interior walls tomorrow! They are all built and just laying on the floor. How exciting!! While we are very let down by the communication that we've had (or not had) with Simplicity Homes, we are trying to just be positive and excited that our home is starting to look like a home. Hopefully we will have an upstairs next week! However I have no clue how long that takes, a part of me hopes it takes a while because then I'll feel like its more stable hehe

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