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We bought a shed kit, and heres our thoughts on it!

- Monday, July 8, 2019. to read...

My husband has had one dream since we've owned a house. It wasn't a huge backyard, it wasn't a cool patio, it wasn't a man cave or a huge garage, nope, he's always wanted a wood shed. We bought our first house and it just wasn't in the cards, second house had no extra room. So when we built this house I knew I had to leave room for his shed. Flash forward a year of living in this house and I researched EVERY shed I could. I looked at full DIY sheds where we would buy the wood and do it all ourselves, I researched sheds that were already done (can you believe that this shed finished would cost us upwards of 6k?!?!) so we then decided on the middle ground - a shed kit.

A shed kit is just like buying a HUGE entertainment center you have to put together yourself... but of course its a shed and not an entertainment center... but you get the gist. It comes with 82 pages of instructions and a whole pallet of wood and a ton of nails ain't nobody got time for. When researching I had read that the wood can tend to be bowed and wonky and a little hard to work with. None the less my husband said "I've got this" so we bought it. About 2 days into building this shed my husband was wishing we didn't buy a kit. The wood wasn't perfect which made it that much more frustrating to put together and to be level and straight. We had to do weird things to make everything meet together that just wouldn't have been an issue it if it was quality wood. That being said... if we would have planned out the shed ourselves and built it from scratch I KNOW he would be wishing he didn't have to do the math for all of the cuts and then the "how did this happen" when the cut he had done is just 2" too short (any DIYers know what I'm saying, I swear there is a DIY elf that messes things up even if you measure 40 times, just once in the project something will go a tad south). I think with a shed you have to pick your poison - building it yourself either with a kit or from scratch will undoubtedly come with some obstacles whichever way you go about it. I do know if we would have done it ourselves we wouldn't have had those perfect French doors and the cute windows that open to let air in.  Our neighbor even peaked over the fence to tell us how cute it was right before this picture.

SO I guess we are torn, was the shed kit worth it? My response is yes... because its done now and its like having a baby, you forget the pain and its pretty! My husband might have a different response. Either way I would like to introduce you to my beloved Sheila the Shed!!!

What we used to do the roof shingles and how the process went for newbies that have never done roofing like this to come in a future blog! (Hint: it was not hard and definitely doable for newbies!)

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