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Introducing our Aladdin Trailer!

- Wednesday, July 10, 2019. to read...

   Some of you may or may not know we bought a vintage Aladdin trailer last fall. We are finally at a point with our other projects where we can start on the rehab of our trailer - aptly named Abu! We have a lot of fixes to be done before we get to just the cosmetic (and fun parts) of the remodel on the trailer but it doesn't hurt to dream of the future right? Here is my mood board and what i'm thinking in terms of design for our little camper! I want it to feel clean, relaxed and with a little boho thrown in there. It's fun to have other outlets where you can do a different style than you have going on in your house and I'm excited to design in another esthetic! So while we are ripping out and replacing floors and structure pieces of this guy I will be dreaming of the end result!

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