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How to keep your glass shower door clean and clear!

- Wednesday, March 25, 2020. to read...


I was cleaning our shower when I noticed it had been a while since I applied Rainex to the shower door and it was probably overdue but... it still looks brand new!... Flash back to before our house build was finished...

When we were building our house we were so excited when we could see things being done, when the shower door finally got installed into our master bathroom we were jumping for joy! Then as I was staring at this beautiful crisp, clean, clear shower door it hit me, I do not want this to be taken over by soap scum and be a pain to clean! At the time we lived in a rental house that had a once clear shower door on it that had permanent hard water spots and soap scum (I am saying permanent because I for the life of me could not get it clean) my mother had the same thing happen to her old shower door and in our last house since we were not the first owners it was a goner long before we got there. All of this history led me to be determined to keep this baby looking brand new. It's funny how building a house and knowing everything is brand new can make you obsess over the smallest things to try to keep them perfect and brand new looking. (Hint: other than this shower door, your house will not stay looking brand new, it's life and it is fine!)

After some research and some life trials I can tell you exactly how to keep that shower door looking just as good as the day it was installed! Read below for how we did it! If you want to also see me in real life doing this project I have it saved to my highlights on my Instagram HERE. Follow my Instagram to see all the behind the scenes of our life and DIY's.

What you will need for this DIY:

  1. Rainex (they have this specifically for showers but I used the original stuff)
  2. Towel for applying (I keep one specifically for this, and only this)
  3. Shower Squeegee 
and that is it!!

We applied Rainex to our shower when we first moved in, applying as soon as possible is crucial! This helps the glass be less porous and will make the water roll right off! If you likely didn't just build your house and there's already hard to clean areas of your shower, I think this tutorial by The Homestead Survival will help you get it back to as clear as possible. Then reapply Rainex every 6 months, however mine has looked more like 8 months because you know, life. It is very smelly, so open all windows in the bathroom and closest area. 

Our last tip is Squeegee after every, single shower! This helps those stubborn water stains to be limited. However, If I am being honest I usually take showers at night and I've skipped a few squeegees due to exhaustion, but my very vigilant husband has squeegeed after every shower, every morning! I love that man! Our kids also love playing with the squeegee in the shower and this has to help as well. I recommend a squeegee with a hanger, or buy one with a hole (we buy ours from Ikea) and hang with a suction cup hanger. 

And I can say now, over 2 years later, our shower door is in perfect shape!! I am very happy for my overthinking over planning self in this scenario, because it has left us with an easy to clean perfect shower door! 

Let me know below if you have questions or comments!
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