Day 25 of our build with Simplicity Homes (by Hayden Homes) - behind the diy



Day 25 of our build with Simplicity Homes (by Hayden Homes)

- Thursday, September 7, 2017. to read...
So we have had a crazzzzy end to the summer and are just now feeling things settle down. There have been a lot of things happening on our lot and it is SO SO SO exciting. We are in the part of the build right now that feels exciting every day to go check it out and see what they've done.

This was before they poured the concrete and was just the forms, but still was exciting to see!
Around day 18! 

 Day 21 of build: We came back from vacation (we had to get away from this darn smoke that is taking over central Oregon) to find our foundation completely poured!! I cannot tell you how much this excited me... I literally squealed with excitement and my friend that was currently with me in the car found it a little entertaining to see how excited I was, because well... I was a little over the top. We were able to walk around the house and see just how big our yard would be and obviously its the first real start to our house and that is SO so exciting!!

Day 24: They backfilled our whole property and built up the garage floor! Our whole lot looks pretty now and is super flat! (putting in grass is going to be a breeze) They also delivered lumber to do the decking and fingers crossed we will have "decking" (the subfloor to the house) by this weekend! We want to take on the Amish trend and have a little party when our decking is done (no we are not Amish... and never have been, but it sounds like a fun trend, so why not!) we will be popping some bubbly which I doubt the Amish do it quite in that style ;)

Day 25: My husband's family owns a window treatment business so of course I've been thinking about what specific window treatment we will do in our new house. I want to have blinds as soon as our house is done so we can install them as soon as we get in. We usually get the standard wood blinds in whatever color suits the styling of the house. For this house however, I wanted something different. Because we are doing all white walls and molding I wasn't sure we could match the specific white that will be in the whole house and really don't want our blinds to make a statement. So I turned to my trusty friend, Pinterest. I searched "White walls blinds", and to my surprise it showed many options. The first picture I posted below stopped me in my tracks and I LOVE IT. So its my inspiration. I bring it to my mother in law and she says that these are called Flat Roman Shades. After talking it over with her we decided Roman Shades are a great option for what I want, however she did point out that if you're not doing a pretty pattern that Batten Back Roman Shades might look better. The reason being that sometimes with Flat Roman Shades when they are closed all the way it looks a little like just a piece of fabric hung up on the window and reads a little cheap. After looking at more pictures of flat Roman Shades I chose to do batten back which is the same general idea but there are pleats so they don't look like just flat untouched fabric hung up! We chose curtains to go with them as well. The below second picture shows the curtains (subtle striped print) and the blinds (grey almost burlap feel) and the paint swatch in the middle is the paint color our walls and trim will be. I am SO excited. Nailing down details every day it seems like.

** See the last two pictures if you've fallen in love with these to fabrics as I did and want to know the name and brand of the fabrics. These are big brands for fabric blinds/curtains and most Window Treatment facilities "should" be able to get these exact ones as well.

Thanks for reading about our build! Hopefully my blog posts will help people currently building compare or help you get an understanding of the process before you start your new build! See previous blog posts all the way to the beginning of our build.

Happy days!


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